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 “You never change anything by fighting the existing reality…. to change something build a new model that makes the existing [inefficient] model obsolete “ 

Buckminster Fuller

Bold Visions bring a renewed mission

Preston, is a sculptor of historical monuments and world-renowned collectables. He is also a seasoned inventor of globally successful bio-mechanical posture correction and back-pain relieving sleep-sit-stand products. Preston is revolutionizing back pain prevention and relief, by reinventing affordable self-care inventions to seamlessly prevent and control this disorder and rejuvenate the spine through products that touch the body 24-7-365,  not least during sleep. Protect...Correct ...Rejuvenate

Sarah, is a global health and development specialist, and social entrepreneur with a track record of building start-ups-for good, and implementing strategic partnerships and successful "first initiatives" to tackle health & social disorders and poverty for governments corporations communities, health care and philanthropy. She is designing and implementing our pre- and post-sales customer self-care welfare strategy and platform and coming up with ways to integrate self care with health care services and to ensure our inventions, services and operations reach all back pain sufferers and sleep seekers in need, amid this spiraling yet preventable epidemic, while maximizing profits through purpose. live younger....stronger...longer 

Preston Willingham creating the Fascial sling model to demonstrate biomechanical interactions of the spine with his devices

Preston's patented inventions are backed by over 80,000 hours of study  and the latest Bio-science discoveries in spinal biomechanics . Creating the Fascial sling model to demonstrate the biomechanical interactions of the spine with his devices 



Redefining the Way 
We Think and Do Self-Care 

Preston and Sarah's combined  skills, experiences talents and vision produced the mission of SleepPower Technologies and its Subsidiary Partner Original Design Therapeutic Technologies  LLC (ODT2) 


Our collective mission:  

Making sleep health and back self care more seamless, affordable and accessible to everyone


We're building on a track record of  innovative self-care inventions that are so robust they effectively relieve pain and rejuvenate posture while seamlessly fitting into people's lives, so innovative. Prestons designs are offered from standard to deluxe versions so that they are affordable and attainable by lower-income individuals and healthcare providers,  as well as pleasing to high-end premium buyers .  

Through SleepPower and ODT2 we are focused on delivering Inventions that mechanically protect and correct to the extent that they reduce the number of back and sleep health related doctor visits needed by each user and measurably  increase their health related quality of life (HRQoL).  So more people can enjoy life while we contribute to reducing the # 1 global burden on individuals and health systems.  

Our Journey So Far


BackJoy Company is Founded by Preston

Preston Invents BackJoy Seat upon his father's pleading to Preston to use his Creativity and love of science to come up with a  'Better Solution' after he'd tried and tests all self care devices available to back pain sufferers. Willingham, his father Jim, and brother Jay, start BackJoy Inc. Willingham files first set of  patents and BackJoy trademarks.

1988 -1997

Preston's Invention Sells across thNation 

Preston Expands BackJoy to 45, 225 Chain Drug Stores permanent fixtures in prime locations across US including Hawaii and Canada. BackJoy endorsed through drive time radio and prime-time Network News shows (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX), selling out Nationally.



Inventions in the Press

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