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> We focus on self-care inventions that give users seamless posture alignment 24-7 365 days a year. 
> Quick & precise customization in real-time.
> We focus on adaptability and versatility so devices are  effective in many different settings.
> AFFORDABILITY: We offer standard to premium luxe designs all with equal functionality. 
> RESPONSIBLE: For example, PillowWare design perfects  pillows already purchased, requiring no new pillow and reducing waste and toxic build-up of discarded disappointing pillows. 

> Our combined versatility features mean less out of pocket spending by those searching for solutions. 

> Our inventions are scientifically validated and globally patented. 


Our design approach is people-centered rather than human-centered because we prioritize the needs and concerns of defined groups and communities that are adversely  impacted by the problem. For example, back and neck pain sufferers, sleep comfort seekers and sleep-deprived.  We take the time to learn directly from the various populations. This way, the true  problem and contributing factors are pinpointed and we are better able to identify the gaps that exist within existing solutions


In order to ensure that our designs deliver self-care solutions that result in  sustained health and wellness  outcomes our focus is not limited purely to ,physical health  but on the well-being of  the whole person. This means we explore emotional, financial, social, spiritual, cultural and  occupational factors that are intertwined with the overall effectiveness of our proposed designs to come up with realistic solutions  that fit seamlessly into users' lifestyles.



SleepPower FAQ answered by Inventor Preston - How do the fascial slings in the body work to control posture?
SleepPower FAQ answered by Inventor Preston - What is real-time pillow micro-adjustability?
SleepPower FAQ answered by Inventor Preston -How does PillowWare's real-time micro-adjustability work?
SleepPower FAQ answered by Inventor Preston -Why use PillowWare to customize the favorite filled Pillows you  already own?


  • Imagine falling asleep with maximum relaxation, feeling cozy yet cradles and supported by your pillows as PillowWare minimizes the  stresses and torsion on your spine and neck.

  • Imagine falling asleep faster as your neck and whole spine find that point of true alignment and posture of least pressure 

  • Imagine sleeping comfortably  for longer, undisturbed by shifting pillows. 

  • The result? Fall faster.. sleep deeper ...for longer...wake without stiffness or pain


With the PillowWare's comfort and alignment adjustment capabilities  you experience pain relief as as you fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper for longer  

SleepPower FAQ answered by Inventor Preston -Why use PillowWare to re-invent adjustability & redefine what any pillow can do?
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