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Preston Willingham Co-founder- Inventor-Manufacturer - SleepPower Technologies

Preston Willingham 

Co-founder- Inventor - CEO

SleepPower Technologies (subsidiary) & Original Design Therapeutic Technologies (Parent)

Preston Willingham’s creative talents cannot be pigeonholed into one, or even two creative genres or movement; Ask Preston, and he might describe himself as a Founder, a Sculptor, an Inventor, an Industrial Designer or a Manufacturer. He is in fact, all of these, all of the time. Preston leads the research & development, creation and quality management  of  our self-care products that fit seamlessly into the everyday lives of any user.  From overseeing design, manufacturing and reviewing test  pilot communications his focus is on ensuring aesthetically   pleasing designs and ease-of-use   quality products that work forever.  His creations to date across 80,483 hours of research and development have attracted high quality reviews  and 7 international Health & wellness awards.. While Preston was still a student at 24, his works were showcased by national and international media. Soon after this , Preston designed and invented the BackJoy Orthotic Seat to successfully cure his father's excruciating back pain to extend his ability to work travel and play sports he loved well past retirement. He  then launched it in over 44000 stored across the US,  to eventually sell the multi-award winning device in 33 countries to over 4 million satisfied users. Preston quickly become immersed in a multifaceted approach to designing, inventing and leading innovation for BackJoy across his creative skill sets. Since BackJoy he has invented  and successfully sold other top selling sleep-sit-stand inventions, using his skills individually, or in combination, to innovate apparatus, patents and manufacturing processes that set his inventions apart from the competition.

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Sarah Ann Adomakoh- Co-founder- Global Health development-Chief Mission Partner - SleepPower Technologies

Sarah Adomakoh

Co-founder- Social Entrepreneur - Chief Mission Partner

SleepPower Technologies (subsidiary) & Original Design Therapeutic Technologies (Parent)

Sarah is a global health and development specialist and entrepreneur with a track record of building start-ups-for Good. She implements strategic partnerships and successful innovative "first initiatives" to tackle health and social disorders for global development agencies including World Bank, UN and WHO as well as corporations, governments aid agencies, national governments, academia, community based organizations, health care and philanthropy. Sarah leads the design and launch of SleepPower and ODT2 Business strategy, partnerships,  commercialization and  is designing and implementing our pre- and post-sales customer self-care welfare strategy to ensure our inventions, services and operations reach all back pain sufferers and sleep seekers in need.  She is passionate and seasoned in advocating for and implementing responsible business practices and leading harmonized business-led ventures that attract private sector commitment and investments, and improve lives and productivity of consumers and communities. Sarah began her international development career over 25 years ago in healthcare economics, policy analyses, data analytics for decision-making, focused on decreasing health burdens by delivering health, social & gender development programs, research, monitoring & evaluation, strategic planning. In 2004 , while raising 3 sons under 7 yrs old , and as a university lecture and consultant, Sarah founded her first company;  a boutique international development research & consulting agency operating in up to 19 countries.

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Anne & Greg  

SleepPower Angels 

As seasoned entrepreneurs, Greg and Ann have been owners of several successful start-ups and other businesses over the past 30 years with a strong history of year-to-year revenue growth and closing deals. In running all facets of their companies, with a focus on sales and fostering long term business relationships, they have developed a strong skill set in researching, qualifying potential clients, and understanding clients’ needs.         Read More

Anne and Greg- Angels-SleepPower Technologies
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Our Team


We are excited to introduce to you our Lean Start-Up Team:


V2 Kevin  Linkedin outdoor photo square .jpg

Kevin Harry 

Advisor - Customer Excellence Strategist 

As a Partner with The BCJ Group, Kevin Harry boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades with the Disney Corporation. His journey within the company has been marked by significant leadership roles in operations, services and sales across various divisions including Theme Parks, Hotels and Cruise Lines on a global scale. Kevin's most recent endeavor was at the helm of the Disney Institute team, where he leveraged his vast experience to provide consultancy services. His clientele varied widely, encompassing start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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Simonne Profile photo April 2024.jpg

Simonne Tiley 

Customer Welfare Associate  - UK and Europe 

Simonne is an exceptional  community health manager and entrepreneur with over 20 years of combined experience. Most recently she  managed home support services to elderly and differently-abled individuals. Simonne has a deep understanding of the health and welfare needs of customers and users of the care services she delivers. She founded and successfully ran a Montessori preschool while raising her two children. Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs she has supported the day-to-day operations of family businesses.  Caring for customers and responding to their needs and queries is in her blood. 

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Morgan Palmer Fink profile Photo .jpeg

Morgan Palmer- Fink 

Customer Excellence Trainer  & Facilitator 

Morgan is a partner with The BCJ Group and seasoned trainer, facilitator, and public speaker with over a decade of experience in consulting for organizations across various sizes and industries. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing the ideal organizational culture, a skill she has honed through her work both domestically and internationally. Morgan's professional journey includes a significant tenure at the world-renowned Disney Institute, where she was instrumental in creating customized solutions tailored to meet the specific business needs of Fortune 500 companies. 

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Paulr Krakert Square .jpeg

Dr Paul Kralert  

Australia Development Associate 

Paul is a highly trained and skilled applied science professional with 30 years of international experience in industry and academia. After a stint as a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech, he spent nearly two decades working for Royal Dutch Shell as a senior explorationist and researcher. During this time, he delivered a range of products with significant business value (ca. $1 million to $4 billion plus). He is currently Director and Founder of BluOrb® Technologies P/L, a deep-tech start-up focusing on the development of cutting-edge devices for next-generation optical computers.

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V1 Raph photo square .jpg

Raphael Benjamin A

Corporate Communications, Media and Marketing – UK & Europe Liaison

Raphael is a multimedia content creator and master’s student at Full Sail University in the process fo launching his  sustainable music lab. His obtained his undergraduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Rollins College and has since gained experience in events coordination,  project assistance and audio and video production. His  mission is to use different forms of communication to empower local talents and foster positive change within targeted communities. This passion lends itself directly to the tasks Raphael delivers on at SleepPower Technologies.. Raphael's interests include sinign song-writiing, music production,  reading, cooking, sports football and basketball.

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Yole Profile  photo Square.jpeg

Yole Tiangbe

Social Marketing &  Entrepreneurship 


Yolé is a driven student currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. She is also a Florida realtor and business owner. Outside of the classroom and work, she enjoys traveling and playing tennis with friends. Driven by her desire to impact her community and beyond, she is excited to contribute her hard work and creativity to any project she undertakes. 

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Our Mission Driven Partners 

This is your Team section. Briefly introduce the team then add their 

Our Self-Care Advisors

We can't wait to introduce you to  our growing team of self care advisors through our upcoming self-care hub as they solve your self care questions, share hacks and tools, and promote healthy mindset shifts to strengthen your health maintenance efforts and advance your well-being and vitality,.

SleepPower-ODT2  Self-Care Hub
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