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Visit PillowTalk with Preston to discover how to use PillowWare™ to customize the height and support of your pillows

Pillow Talk with Preston  

PillowWare™ How-To Videos 

STEPS 1 & 2: How to adjust your pillow with PillowWare™ 

Congratulation on your first purchase of PillowWare™ - The world's first casing that adjusts the height and comfort of your pillow in real time! Follow Preston the inventor from step 1 to step 3, to perfect your disappointing pillow and in 3-minutes  you'll experience your best pillow comfort ever!

CONTROL YOUR OVERSTUFFED PILLOW: How to Customize your Overstuffed Pillows with PillowWare™  

If you're fed up with your overstuffed pillows, follow Preston the inventor from this step and straight on to step 3, to adjust your disappointing pillow, and in no time you'll experience your best pillow comfort ever!

STEP 3: How to micro-adjust your pillow in your bed with PillowWare™ 

Follow Preston on step 3 to micro-adjust your pillow to your exact comfort needs  in real time,   in under 3-minutes,  with zero guesswork required !


 with PillowWare™  for Maximized Comfort and Rejuvenating Sleep

Are you one of the millions of travelers who never seem  to get the sleep comfort you need while on your travels,  even if you move around with your bulky pillows from home? Well it's time to make PillowWare™ your must-have travel  companion for mind-blowing pillow comfort on the go!   

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